Tenth Gate Yoga | Caitlin Fortier
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Caitlin Fortier

Having a mom as a yoga teacher, it was inevitable that Caitlin would experience yoga at a very young age. Although she didn’t appreciate the practice during her early years, later in life she found herself revisiting the practice after dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. It was during this time, as she began to heal, that the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga became a deeply rooted seed within her heart
Caitlin was inspired to become a yoga teacher to share her love for the practice and to help others experience the endless benefits that come from a consistent practice.  Starting with the baby step of obtaining her YogaFit Level 1 certification in 2013, Caitlin began teaching in a gym setting.  After a few months, she realized a weekend certification couldn’t possibly give her the knowledge or experience to teach safe, creative and spiritually-based classes.  Understanding the importance of continued education and home study, she asked the Universe to bring her the perfect teacher training.  The next day she enrolled with the Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston.  She experienced an intensive summer of training with her three teachers Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham and Goldie Graham (and a sprinkling of master teachers from various different styles). She graduated in August of 2014 feeling confident about moving forward with teaching.  From there she continued on to receive her Kid’s Yoga certification through Cardio Kid’s Yoga in February 2015.  As she grew as a teacher, Caitlin developed a deep passion for teaching Yin Yoga and plans on pursuing certification in 2016.