Tenth Gate Yoga | Deb Melino-Wender
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Deb Melino-Wender

Vinyasa Flow with Weights

Deb came to yoga later in life than most, but once she started, she was all in. She originally came to yoga for the physical flexibility but soon learned that that the mental flexibility was even more important. For the past 8 years she has been practicing a vinyasa based yoga, focusing on synchronizing breath and movement. Deb received her 200 RYT in March 2019 from Thames Street Yoga.  In her classes, students will practice remaining calm and focused through a variety of challenges, and do the work to develop more inner strength, self awareness and focus – much like everyday life! Deb lives in Newport with her husband Brian and her Potter pooch Beau.  When not practicing Yoga, she works in community development for a neighboring Massachusetts town and spends her free time cycling around Ocean Drive, walking the beaches and gardening.