Tenth Gate Yoga | E’loise Tamer
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E’loise Tamer

E’loise holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness, is a certified Fitness Trainer, Spinning Instructor and a level 3 TRX and TRX Yoga Fusion Specialist. Her proudest achievement, however, is her 500-hour yoga certification, “Yoga of Energy Flow” from The Tenth Gate Yoga Studio. Drawing on her fitness background, E’loise offers an invigorating class that focuses on building strength and increasing flexibility. She believes that the key to a successful practice is meeting the physical body’s limitations with peaceful acceptance and moving fearlessly into the possibilities of greater strength and flexibility through patience and practice. E’loise always ensures that the class environment is a safe, non-competitive, non-judgmental space, where variations of each pose are offered to allow any level of practitioner to attend.
“I try to live my yoga and bring the lessons I learn on my mat into my daily life. My greatest joy in teaching yoga is helping my students find their inner strength and witnessing their transformation.”