Tenth Gate Yoga | Lindsey Basile
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Lindsey Basile

Practicing yoga has had a powerfully transformative & incredibly positive effect on many different aspects of Lindsey’s life since beginning in 2010. Completing a Vinyasa Teacher Training program in 2012, she has continued to teach along various different avenues locally and abroad, including private one on one sessions, to the gym, within the retirement community, in studio settings, all the way to the jungles of Costa Rica. Studying the teachings of asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation, as well as continuing to develop a deeper knowledge of yoga philosophy have helped strengthen her teaching. As a devoted student, she aims to infuse some of the knowledge she has gained into the classes she teaches. With deep love, compassion and understanding she hopes to extend some of the balance she has found as she continues to develop and strengthen her practice and teaching. Strengthening the body, deep breathing and calming the mind has the most uplifting effects and is accessible just by showing up. She hopes to see you on your mat!