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The Tenth Gate WorkPlace WellBeing Program brings the teachings from our yoga center directly to the workplace. Our program includes one hour yoga and one hour meditation and relaxation series. For six years, we have been reaching out to the business and workplace communities around our state, providing them with much needed opportunities for stress management.

For almost four decades, there has been extensive clinical study on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, in addition to studies on the health benefits of yoga. The conclusions of the studies have consistently pointed to the same outcomes.

  • improved memory, concentration and focus
  • increased physical and mental wellbeing
  • increased productivity and creativity
  • reduction in staff turnover
  • decreased levels of absenteeism, reducing healthcare costs to employees and employers

All across our region, people from many walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs have discovered the realm of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. They are your neighbors and your co-workers who have learned how to integrate these practices into their everyday lives. Tenth Gate’s WorkPlace WellBeing Program is the perfect way to get started and become an integral part of your workweek.

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For more information, contact:

Tom Speare
Director of Corporate Programs
[email protected]
401-293-5096 (Tenth Gate)
401-486-6906 (cell)