Tenth Gate Yoga | Classes
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Students need to bring their own mats. (Heated Yoga students should bring a towel). Tenth Gate provides cushions, blankets, blocks & straps. Please bring your own water bottle. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.

Candlelight Kundalini Yoga (January and February only)

During the darker days of winter, we offer Kundalini by sweet candlelight in the beautiful Treehouse. Same healing kriyas and deeper meditations.


Chakra Shine: A Hatha Based Practice

This class combines static (still) and flowing poses that correspond to specific chakras. Chakras are energy centers in our body; they receive and transform various forms of prana. Enjoy explorations that may include breath work, affirmations, visualizations and chanting. A practice that brings awareness, awakens and harmonizes the energy body. Get ready to shine.


Core Flow

This flow class is designed to strengthen the core. Build purifying energy, core and back strength, and awareness of what it means to come from your “core center of being!” All levels welcomed.


Gentle Hatha

When you want to take your yoga a bit more gently, move more slowly, and stretch more deeply, this is the class for you! Each pose is explored in a way that is easeful and peaceful, at a pace that allows for a pause in between. This is Hatha Yoga experienced with a little more emphasis on the “tha” moon energy – soothing, cooling and calming. A practice for all levels who want a break from the pace of life, and older yogis who just want to be.


Hatha Mixed Level

Slower paced than vinyasa, a Hatha class more deeply explores the alignment, awareness, and breath of each posture and its effects on all aspects of the practitioner–physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each class includes physical postures, or asana, deep relaxation, breathing practices and mediation, which can be practiced by students of any age and physical ability. Modifications will be given to match your skill level, as well as ways to advance to more challenging postures. Great for beginners with its emphasis on technique and alignment and for more advanced practitioners who want to slow down and deepen their understanding of themselves and the yoga postures.


Heated Hour of Power

A heated all levels flowing Baptiste-Vinyasa style class. Bring a towel, mat and water.


Heated  Power Yoga

Be prepared to sweat! Students will learn to integrate breath with movement, flowing through a series of postures that will strengthen, build flexibility and increase endurance, bringing you to a place of deep inner calm. The heat encourages greater flexibility and detoxification. Bring a towel, mat and water.


Heated  Vinyasa

This is an all levels class where the heat allows the soft tissues (muscles) to relax more. Expect flowing postures and a good sweat. Bring a towel, mat and water.


Hot Lunch  Vinyasa

Be prepared to sweat! One hour of flow, integrating breath with movement to build strength and flexibility. Bring a towel, mat and water.


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Kundalini Yoga is a 5,000-year-old authentic system of yogic exercise and meditation that promotes health, happiness, and spiritual awareness. There are three basic components to Kundalini Yoga. There are the physical postures, literally thousands of kriyas (exercise sets) that strengthen and balance the nervous system, the glandular system and the circulatory system to promote optimum physical and emotional health. Breathing techniques (pranayam) assist a person in processing emotions and feelings, controlling moods, and developing concentration. Mantra (sound) and meditation techniques work to direct and discipline the mind. The practice of this yoga can give you the strength, courage and radiance to meet all of life’s challenges with grace. All levels welcomed.


Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Reiki

This deeply healing class combines the power of Kundalini Yoga with pranayam (breath) meditation and Reiki. The class will begin with a Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set) accessible for all levels, followed by a pranayam meditation. As you rest, Reiki Master Teacher Reinette Fournier will administer distance or hands on Reiki Healing. The experience balances your energy centers and promotes a state of deep peace and contentment. A great way to start your week.


Restorative Yoga

To Soften is to Heal. A restorative practice invites you into a realm of BEING rather than DOING nurturing a profound release of tension physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Each posture is a passageway linking breath to infinite potential,  inviting space within to assemble and disassemble at the same time, allowing for deep release of connective tissue and energetic shifts.  Restorative yoga rests your body, stretches your muscles, lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, and calms your nervous system, moving you into a peaceful state of deep relaxation.  The use of cushions and blankets to support you in the poses is encouraged to help bring you to a place of deep peace.  All levels welcomed.


Slow Flow & Restore

A class with slower flowing postures followed by restorative, quiet, and spacious practice with the use of props.


Vinyasa Flow

All levels class sequenced at a flowing pace with an exploration of the poses. Practice, play, and explore safely and intelligently.


YinYasa Yoga

Some Yin. Some Yang. Beginning gently with propped and supported postures and moving into a classic Vinyasa flow.


Yin Yoga & Meditation

Yin Yoga is known as the Quiet Practice or the Practice of Quiet Power and is a complement to the more vigorous Yang practices such as Vinyasa, Hatha, or Kundalini. It is a dynamic blend of modern meridian theory, floor poses held in quiet tranquility, and the contemplative teachings of mindfulness and meditation which addresses every level of our being: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. It is based on the Taoist concept of opposites – Yin and Yang. Traditional Yin Yoga focuses on the deeper layers of the body. All levels welcomed.


Warm Slow Flow

A gently heated flow class at a strong, slow pace for all levels of practitioners.


Unwind: Integrative Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is an ancient practice of profoundly restorative, systematic relaxation that helps to deeply unwind your body, mind and spirit. For beginners, it is gentle meditation at its easiest and most comforting. For more advanced practitioners, Yoga Nidra can help you access the deepest states of awareness and Connection. The practice comes from a place of allowing and letting go versus striving and trying. A regular practice of Yoga  Nidra can help unwind even chronic states of overwhelm, overstimulation or stress.