Tools For Today & Tomorrow is an extension of Tenth Gate Yoga’s WorkPlace WellBeing Program, established in 2013, which provides stress reduction, mindfulness programming and self-regulation practices to the students, faculty and staff in our local school districts, educational institutions and private clients worldwide.

With the level of stress and anxiety that exists today, very few people have ready-to-use techniques to combat the multitude of life challenges that increasingly disrupt lives. The mission of the Tools For Today & Tomorrow program is to provide the resources that mitigate stress and anxiety. Once learned and incorporated, these tools are a part of a person’s toolbox for life, providing continuously noticeable results.

Since moving in 2022 to Mt. Desert Island, Maine, the Tools program has been establishing new relationships with the local school districts and has formed a fiscal sponsorship with a local non-profit, Healthy Acadia.   

Healthy Acadia, over the past 20 years has developed strong relationships across coastal Downeast Maine through its outreach and mission to create healthy communities across many program offerings.


In order to make the Tools programming as accessible as possible to the local school districts, we need your help. The best solution is to provide the classes at no cost to students, faculty and staff. To that end, fundraising is necessary to cover the costs of developing and delivering the classes to the schools.

Healthy Acadia, in its role as fiscal sponsor, manages the financial requirements in distributing the funds and partners with the Tools program on grant applications to foundations and other funding sources.

Over the past year the Tools program has been approved to provide weekly classes to the MDI regional school district, which began in the fall of 2023. Since the first classes with the faculty and staff at an elementary school, the MDI high school has joined the programming and will begin classes for faculty, staff and students in January of 2024 for the balance of the school year.

By the end of the current school year the Tools program will have provided nearly 100 classes to faculty and staff as well as to high school students. In anticipation of continued expansion, fundraising has to be an ongoing effort.

Healthy Acadia has set up online access on their donations page for the Tools program specifically. Through the link below, you can securely donate to the program. The donation is fully tax deductible.


For more information on programming contact:
Tom Speare
Director of Corporate & Educational Programming
Tools for Today & Tomorrow
[email protected]
207-801-9325 (Tenth Gate)
401-486-6906 (cell)