The Tools For Today & Tomorrow program, an extension of the WorkPlace WellBeing Program, provides stress reduction and mindfulness programming to students, faculty and staff of our local school districts and educational institutions.

With the level of stress and anxiety that exists today, most people do not have ready-to-use techniques to combat life challenges. Once learned, these tools are a part of a person’s toolbox for life, and provide immediately noticeable results.

The program is now entering its third year and has expanded its reach to greater numbers of students and faculty. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tools for Today & Tomorrow has transitioned from in-person classes to virtual programming. This transition has also afforded the program to broaden its reach well beyond the local geography to a global level.

Tools For Today & Tomorrow is a flexible program with most classes being either ½ hour or 1 hour in length. The program is designed to run as an 8-week series, or in the case with school districts, as a semester length program. The essence of  Tools forToday & Tomorrow is teaching participants how to lower their stress and anxiety levels through a combination of breath practices, visualization techniques and guided meditation. 

For more information on programming contact:
Tom Speare
Director of Corporate Programs
Tools for Today & Tomorrow
[email protected]
401-293-5096 (Tenth Gate)
401-486-6906 (cell)